Elektrindo Kreasi Raya

a multi brand dealer focused on trading equipments for plantation and mining such as double cabin vehicles, dump trucks, safety equipments, electric genset or electric vehicles throughout Indonesia

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Open to cooperate with micro business partners all over Indonesia.

This company is established to support Indonesia government program to establish environmentally friendly atmosphere.

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Becoming a multi-brand, trusted distributor for plantation and mining field in order to implement efficient, good corporate governance.

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▪ Providing best and dependable services even after sales to the customer

▪ Establishing distribution network to serve customers nationally

▪ Customer Excellent oriented to provide the best and most efficient vehicles with latest innovation

What We Offer

Products and Services

What We Offer

Double Cabin vehicles, Dump Trucks, Safety Equipment, Genset etc. for plantation and mining fields

Injector Services and Other Compartments

Electric Bicycles and Motorbikes

Vehicle Spareparts

List of Products

Double Cabin Vehicles, Dump Trucks, Genset

List of Products

Safety Equipments

List of Products

Injector Services and Spareparts

List of Products

Electric Bicycles and Motorbikes

The Advantage of Becoming Business Partner with EKR

Cooperate with EKR, all business partners will enjoy equally profit sharing based on their responsibility

The Convenience of Buying Electric Bicycles and Motorbikes with EKR

1. EKR is responsible on all operational deeds for all projects either in Jawa or outside Jawa.

2. EKR will provide accurate and clear data of the handled project result .

Services of EKR

1. Selling vehicles or other compartments of reliable quality standard

2. After sales services